Equipment we use:

Each band member uses the latest and best equipment to replicate the authentic AC/DC sound. Dirty DC use the best brands such as Marshall, Gibson and Epiphone.

James Gould / Angus Young

James uses multiple different pieces equipment to reassure he produces the authentic sound of Angus Young. His equipment includes:

  • JCM 800 2203 100 Watt Head
  • 1960 Marshall Cabs
  • Gibson SG Angus Young Signature Guitar
  • Schaffer Replica Pedal
  • Shure Line 6 G50 Wireless

Colin Broadhead / Cliff Williams

Colin enhances his sound by using top quality equipment on stage to give you a replica experience of AC/DC themselves.

  • Ampeg 810 Cab
  • Ampeg SVT2
  • Ampeg SVT3
  • Shure Wireless System
  • Shure IEMS
  • Musicman Basses

Connor Hill / Phil Rudd

Connor prides himself in giving you the best beats of any AC/DC tribute with his quality equipment and rhythmic playing.

  • Sonor Force 3007
  • Zildjian 14 Inch High Hats
  • Zildjian 17, 18 and 20 Crash Cymbals
  • Zildjian 20 Inch Ride

Chris Hill / Brian Johnson

Chris uses his authentic vocals to give you the replica sound of Brian Johnson. With his amazing pipes, he lives to give you the feel of an old school AC/DC Show.

  • Sennheiser Radio Mic
  • Shure in ear monitoring Ultimate earbuds

Steve Wilson / Malcolm Young

Being with Dirty Dc for 7 years, Steve knows only too well that the right equipment is vital for producing that explosive sound.

  • Gretsch Malcom Young Signature
  • Marshall JCM2000
  • 1960 Marshall Cabs
  • Shure Wireless Unit