Lead Guitarist (Angus Young)

James Gould

"I started playing guitar when I was around 14 and was instantly hooked on AC/DC. Throughout my learning stage I have played different genres going from metal to classical. I have been watching dirty dc ever since I was 12 and now 10 years on I'm on stage with them playing some of the most influential music out there which is awesome!". You can connect with James on Social Media by: Clicking here for YouTube OR Clicking here for Facebook.

Lead Singer (Brian Johnson)

Chris Hill

"I have been singing in various bands for approximetly 15 years such as other tribute bands and other DC tribute bands along with Steve. Being with Dirty DC is the best tribute expereince for myself and I am loving it more than ever. Experiencing this new journey with a clean set of band members and bringing in a younger generation gives me the satisfaction to say Dirty DC will be living on for years to come. My influences for music and tones are: AC/DC, Thunder and Motley Crue."

Drummer (Phil Rudd)

Connor Hill

"Since an early age, I was brought up around music with my father being a singer and influencing me into the music industry. I have grown up around Rock n Roll and that genre of music which has impacted my drumming ability throughout my playing time. Joining Dirty DC at such a young age has been a great honour and an eye opener on the music industry. I hope to continue working with Dirty DC throughout the years to come and enjoy the fulfilling expereincing of travelling the UK and meeting all the fans."

Rhythm Guitarist (Malcolm Young)

Steve Wilson

"I have been playing since I was 13 years old. I have spent over 10 years in AC/DC tribute bands and 7 of them have been with Dirty DC. Being in a band such as Dirty DC is an amazing experience as I love travelling across the UK and Ireland, giving the fans the authentic music experience of AC/DC. Playing Rock n Roll is what I love and that's why I have been with Dirty DC for as long as I have. Working with a new set of band members has gave me a new boost of enthusiasm to carry on this journey."

Bass Guitarist (Cliff Williams)

Colin Broadhead

"I have been playing bass for over fourty years. I was born in Yorkshire and I discovered AC/DC in 1979 when a school mate bought the "If You Want Blood" album and have been hooked ever since. I am lucky enough to own Cliff's bass rig from the Stiff Upper Lip album recording session and take this equipment with me all around the UK to give you as the fans the most pristine music sound any DC tribute band could produce."

Crew Members

Dave and Jamie

"We are a pair of music enthusiasts who are dedicated to the band but not quite right in the head (lol), and we play arcade machines as you can see. We work together to build props, help the band and give you as the fans the best experience you can get from an AC/DC Tribute. Dave also has the responsibilty of making sure James does not forget anything, and Jamie likes to get the water."