Dirty DC was formed in 1998 and have played throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

They quickly made a strong reputation amongst the serious die hard AC/DC fans and people looking to have a good night out. Dirty DC have always been renown for their heavy stage presence, authenticity and most important the delivery of the music AC/DC has become so famous for.

You want to see a guitarist running round in a school uniform playing Angus Young’s scorching riffs and guitar solos, backed by a band in front of a wall of Marshall’s then look no further.

Dirty DC have seen some line up changes over the years but their attention to detail has always remained accurate to the band they portray. Now in late 2016 Dirty DC have just made a new and exciting line up change but still promise to deliver that accurate AC/DC experience the fans have grown to love over the years.

Chris who has been playing Brian Johnson for many years has decided to stay as lead singer, Colin is still laying that perfect Cliff bass line and Steve Wilson has returned after a 12 month break as Malcolm on rhythm guitar, new to the line up playing drums is Connor who is a fantastic and highly talented drummer and finally current Dirty DC member James has moved from rhythm guitar to playing the Angus’ role on lead. James is a well established guitarist that has played in the USA with former Ozzy Osbourne bass player Rudy Sarzo, Whitesnake drummer Brian Tichy on the Randy Rhoads remembered tour.

More importantly James has now returned to the role he is best suited to, James has played Angus for tribute bands before and is back to the role he knows and loves..

If you are a die hard fan and love love AC/DC or just fancy a night out and have a good time come rock out with Dirty DC​

What a way to end the Ride on Tour, We hope you all have had a fantastic New year and we hope to see you all rocking for the new Breaking balls tour 2017. Thank you again to everyone who has supported us upon the change, you have made it all that much easier, Thank you and see you all on the road. 

This is the new official web page of Dirty DC, UK's No.1 AC/DC Tribute